Campaign Resources

Campaign Resources

Video: Tiwi Traditional Owners say not to Barossa gas

The Barossa project has been in development since 2004. But in all that time, the companies behind Barossa have not consulted Tiwi Islanders about the project. Tiwi Traditional Owners have been speaking up about the lack of consent since December 2021.

Webinar: Mythbusting Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Despite CCS's track record of failure worldwide, Santos and SK E&S claim that it will make the Barossa gas cleaner. In this webinar, experts discuss the role CCS is playing in the current climate and energy context, and the threats it poses to climate action.

Webinar: Barossa - what is it and why should you be worried?

The potential negative impacts of the Barossa project go beyond accelerating climate change. The project could also severely harm the incredible biodiversity in the area that the Tiwi people have managed for thousands of years.

Brochure: Why is the Barossa gas project bad news?

In this brochure, the Environment Centre NT And Jubilee Australia provide a visual explanation of the potential climate, environmental and social impacts of the Barossa gas project. It will soon be available in Tiwi.

Report: How to save the Barossa project from itself

A report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis found that even if Santos employed CCS successfully, the Barossa gas would still be one of the more expensive and dirtiest gas projects in the world

Video: SK E&S: Cut all ties with the Barossa project

Santos’ proposed Barossa project could be one of the dirtiest gas projects in the world. Despite describing itself as an ‘eco-friendly energy company,’ SK E&S has teamed up with Santos to make the project a reality.

Report: Santos’ Barossa gas emissions create major risks

A report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis found that the Barossa project would create more carbon dioxide than any gas currently made into LNG, creating both a major financial and climate risk.

Olive Ridley News Article

Submission: The risks associated with the Barossa gas project

The Japan Bank for International Cooperation is currently considering providing finance to the Barossa project. In this submission, Jubilee Australia, ECNT and TAI outline why they should avoid bankrolling it.

Together we can #StopBarossaGas

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