Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Solutions for Our Climate(hereinafter, “SFOC”), the Environment Centre NT hereinafter, “ECNT”) and Jubilee Australia (hereinafter, “JUBILEE”)’s Personal Information Management Policy – SFOC, ECNT, AND JUBILEE have established the personal information management policy as follows in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Acts of Republic of Korea and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act of Australia. 


1. Information to be collected and method of collection

1) Operation and management of petition email submitted via the “Stop Barossa Gas” campaign

Required information: Name, email address, postal code, country

2) Provision of goods and services 

Name, email address, postal code, country

3) The following personal information items may be automatically created and collected while using the Internet service: 

IP addresses, Cookies, MAC address, service usage records, visit records and defective usage records, etc.

4) Method of attaining personal information from the petition participant

Submission through ‘Stop Barossa Gas’ campaign, email

2. Purpose of Personal Information Management 

SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE process user’s personal information for the following purposes. Processed information will not be used for any purposes other than for the following purposes. In accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act of Republic of South Korea and the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act of Australia, SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE will seek prior consent of the persons who are the subject of the personal information before any change to the intended use is implemented.

1) Petition email submission on the “Stop Barossa Gas” campaign website and management

To confirm the user’s intention to submit the petition email, identify or certify user identity in relation to its provision of petition email submission, maintain or manage petition submission status, verify user identification to comply with the implementation of the limited identification policy, prevent fraudulent use of services, notify various notices, and handle complaints. 

2) Provision of Goods and Services

To provide services, contents, and customized service, and verify user identification  

3) Complaints

To verify the complaining person’s identification, review complaints, contact or notify the complaining persons to investigate the cause of the complaints, and notify complaint review results. 

4) Marketing and Advertisement

To offer opportunity to participate in future events and compile statistics regarding users’ use of SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE’s services.

3. Personal Information Processing and Retention Period  

SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE process and retain personal information during the period permitted by law or agreed by the subject of the information upon collection of his/her personal information. Personal information processing and retention periods are as follows:  

1) Operation and management of petition emails submitted via “Stop Barossa Gas” campaign website until the end of petition campaign on the “Stop Barossa Gas” website. However, in the case of the following reasons, personal information will be retained until the end of the relevant reason:

– If retention of any of the above information is required by law, SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE shall process and retain such information during the required period in accordance with the law, especially in the case where an investigation is underway due to a violation of relevant laws and regulations.

2) SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE process and retain personal information for the purpose of “Provision of Goods and Services” until the completion of supply of goods and services. 


4. The right of rejection the collection and use of personal information 

The user may reject the collection and use of personal information. However, the above personal information is essential for operating the “Stop Barossa Gas” campaign website, and users who do not agree to the collection and use of personal information may be restricted from using this website’s petition function and related services.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party 

Commission for collected personal information for carrying out services, SFOC, ECNT AND JUBILEE commission external professional companies (subcontractors) to process personal information as follows. This commissioned works for processing personal information are carried out by each subcontractor and service only if necessary for providing that service. 

Name of subcontractor(s):

– Do Gooder


– Collecting and storing personal information 


6. Remedy for Infringement on Rights and Interests of Users (Relevant for anyone in South Korea) 

1) South Korea

User may inquire at the following institutions regarding remedy of damages arising from infringement of personal information:

▶Personal Information Protection Centre (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)


Phone: 118 (without area code) 

▶Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)

Website: privacy.

Phone: 118(without area code)

▶Cybercrime Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office


Phone: 02-3480-3582 

▶Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau


Phone: 182 (without area code)

2) Australia

If you have any questions or complaints about our privacy policy, please contact us at

Jubilee Australia Research Centre

Postal address: 2/25 Cooper St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Email: info