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Stop Barossa Gas

Together we can protect livelihoods, sea creatures and the climate from one of the world’s dirtiest gas projects. 

Will you join us?

Our planet can’t afford another huge gas development

Santos plans to develop the Barossa gas field in pristine waters north of the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory, Australia. If they succeed, it will be the dirtiest offshore gas project in Australia, possibly the world.

The Barossa project is located in Northern Australia

When the Barossa gas is extracted, developed and burned, it would release 15.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. That’s more than three million passenger cars for each year the project operates. 


The project would also put pristine marine life at grave risk. The pipeline connecting the Barossa gas field to land would run through a protected marine park and along the entire length of one of the Tiwi Islands – Bathurst Island. 


The construction of the pipeline poses a major threat to turtle hatchlings and nesting beaches, involving extensive seabed disturbance, dredging, increased shipping and helicopter movements over the islands and significant noise and light pollution.

Santos’ motive? Profit – at the expense of everyone else. 


Tiwi Islanders have not been consulted about Barossa

The Barossa gas project has been in development since 2004. But in all that time, the companies behind Barossa have not properly consulted Tiwi Islanders about the project.

Santos’ proposed pipeline will put the Tiwi Islanders’ pristine Sea Country at risk and threaten sea life, including turtles, which are instrumental to their cultural practices, ceremonies and tourism operations.

“Nobody told any of us that this was happening. We have not been consulted. There are going to be huge risks if this does go ahead without any consultation with the Tiwi people… We want to know why we haven’t been told anything up until now.”

Antonia Burke, Dardawunga Impajimawu, Tiwi Islands resident

This is our chance to #StopBarossaGas

Despite describing itself as an ‘eco-friendly energy company’, the Korean energy giant SK E&S has teamed up with Santos to make the Barossa project a reality. They currently own more than a third of the project. 


By putting pressure on SK E&S to back out of the Barossa project, we can put the financial viability of the project at risk. So far, more than 1400 people have told SK E&S to cut all ties with Barossa. Will you be next?

Tell SK E&S:

Cut all ties with the dirty Barossa gas project!

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