About us

About us

Stop Barossa Gas

The Stop Barossa Gas campaign is an international alliance between Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC), Jubilee Australia Research Centre, the Environment Centre NT, and Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES).

The Environment Centre Northern Territory (Australia)

Environment Centre NT (ECNT) is the peak community sector environment organisation in the Northern Territory. We have been working hard to protect the Territory environment since 1983. ECNT advocates for protection of the unique Territory landscapes and biodiversity. This includes through strong environmental legislation, including stronger laws for land clearing and mining rehabilitation.

Jubilee Australia Research Centre

Jubilee Australia Research Centre engages in research and advocacy to promote justice for communities impacted by Australian corporations and government agencies. We are the leading Australian organisation working to end public finance for fossil fuel exports. 

Solutions for Our Climate (Korea)

Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC) is a South Korea-based group that advocates for stronger climate change policies and transition towards a fossil-free society. SFOC is led by legal, economic, financial, and environmental experts with experience in energy and climate policy and works closely with policymakers.

Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society 

Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES) is an NGO dedicated to achieving sustainable development and social justice in the society. We broadly engage the general public and experts in research, policy advocacy, and awareness-raising.

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