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Help stop one of the dirtiest gas projects in the world ‒ the Barossa gas project ‒ from going ahead. 

The Korean energy company SK E&S calls itself eco-friendly. Yet it has teamed up with Australian company Santos on a project that will release 15.6 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere each year if developed and burned. 

Santos plans to build a 260km pipeline in pristine waters cutting close to the Tiwi Islands, in the Northern Territory in Australia. If it goes ahead, the project could devastate marine life, including destroying the habitats of threatened turtles.

Last year SK E&S’ parent company, SK Group, announced a transition away from fossil fuels, and promised to end its investments in new oil and gas projects.

We urgently need your support to pressure SK Group to keep its promise to divest from fossil fuels and cut ties with the Barossa project.

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